Domain Events Salvation

Old post by Udi worth reading

Video Presentation

Erik Rozendaal of Holland talking about CQRS and Event Sourcing (first of 12 short videos, follow to youtube for others)

Julien Letrouit on Transitioning Brownfield Apps

Discussion on how to transition a brown field application to Event Sourcing.

English or French (bilingual writing)/C#

Mark Nijhof on his example

Mark Nijhof discussing his CQRS/Event Sourcing example


CQRS Example

New CQRS Example

English/Java (sculptor)

Dissenting Opinion

Good read for another viewpoint.


Jonathon Oliver writes a bit about CQRS and the CAP Theorem

English/Language Agnostic

Event Store Example

Jonathon Oliver on Building and Event Storage with sample


My Journey Through DDD and DDDD

Dutch Author, in English code in C#

Talks about his experimentation with DDD and DDDD including some basic sample code.


including a link to Nuno’s blog here